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Prek Beach Theme - Early Childhood Themes

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Beach themes, preschool themes and other ideas for teaching children at home or in the classroom.


Beach Theme: Early Childhood Theme - Preschool Themes:




Why not have a Pre K beach theme in the summer time?  Preschool children & kindergarten children will love the beach theme idea. The kids will get a chance to learn all about the beach, see beach pictures, learn what fun thing so you can do at a beach and much more! There are some great theme activities below for the beach theme.


Beach Theme - What You Need to Do:


-talk about the beach at circle time: has anyone been to a beach? what is a beach? what do you see at the beach? what can you do at the beach?

-read preschool age appropriate books and have books in library centre

-have beach themed puzzles

-have blank paper or beach stationary for the children to draw their own beach scene

-have sand in the sensory bin with pails and shovels

-on a hot day have a beach day with kiddie pools so the children can swim

-have a picnic lunch outside

-have real life pictures of beaches on the classroom walls

-play beach music throughout the day

-set up a beach dramatic play centre with sunglasses, hats, pails, shovels, the sensory bin with sand, add shells to the sane, have water made out of paper taped to the walls, etc.


Have a Beach Blast with this Beach Theme Idea!


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