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Preschool themes, Color Themes, school themes for children relating to using colors.



Color Theme For Preschool & Kindergarten


Color themes can be a pretty tricky subject to teach.  If you keep it simple, teaching colors can be fun, easy, and very rewarding for the children.

Try to focus on one color a week to give all children the chance to become familiar with the color you are introducing as well as have time to explore it.  Put books in the library centre that are all about colors to go along with your color theme.


Start with the colors:  Red, Blue, and Yellow.


Example of a Preschool Color Theme Week:


Day 1:

-have something red to show the children (ie. Piece of material.)
-introduce the red object at circle time
-have some red paper and white paper in the art centre with red crayons and markers OR paint with red paint


Day 2:

-ask children if they can think of anything they know of or can see around the classroom that is red
-have some pictures and/or real objects of things that are red. (ie. Apples, cherries, jello, roses, juice, etc.)
-have some real-to life pictures of things that are red and post around the classroom


Day 3:

-have children bring in something red or wear something red and let them talk about it


Day 4:

-make red play dough and allow the children time to play with it (play dough recipe to follow and posted on web site)


Day 5:

-have an activity day using things you did during the week
-set out a play dough table with the play dough you made the day before
-at the art table have, the red and white paper with red markers, crayons, and/or paint
-add some scissors, glue to the art centre this time
-in the afternoon have a “red” snack featuring red foods and juice.
-read the book Red is Best


Follow the week long example above using the colors Blue and Yellow.



Preschool Color Theme: Mixing Colors


If you want to expand your children’s’ knowledge of colors and explore mixing colors try to keep it simple and fun.

The children will be familiar with, red, blue and yellow, so these colors will come naturally to them and you won’t have to spend a week on each color.


Try this Mixing Colors Theme:


Day 1:

-bring in something red and something blue and have the children identify the colors
-explain that when you mix colors together, you can create new ones
-get a large piece of paper have children gather around
-mix a blob of red paint and a blob of blue paint together and see what you get (purple)
-have red and blue markers out and red and blue paint out for children to explore
-also have purple papers in the art centre


Day 2:

-do the same as day 1 only this time use red and yellow (orange)


Day 3:

-do the same as day 1 only this time use yellow and blue (green)


Day 4:

-do the same as day 1 only this time use green and yellow (blue)


Day 5:

-have a science experiment at circle time
-while children are gathered, have about 4-5 clear cups or glasses filled clear water
-turn each glass a different color using food coloring
-slowly mix the colors of water into one another and watch how the colors change



Depending on the size and age of the preschool class, you could set out some clear plastic cups filled half-way with water and allow them to mix colors using food coloring and explore on their own.


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