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Preschool Theme Dinosaurs - Preschool Themes

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  Teaching theme, dinosaur themes and other preschool themes and lesson plans for educating children!



Dinosaur Theme - Prek Themes and Kindergarten Themes:


Preschool Dinosaur Theme  Dinosaur Theme for Kids Learning! Check Out The Dinosaur Theme CD


So you want to teach those eager, 'ready to learn' preschool children about dinosaurs but aren’t sure where to start.  Let’s start with the basic's so they know some simple, fun dinosaur facts to get them started.

Teach your preschool class as long or as short a prek theme as you think they can handle.  Just relax and have some preschool prehistoric fun with this kids dinosaur theme!


Ideas For This Preschool Dinosaur Theme:


-have pictures of the dinosaurs you will be teaching the preschool children about posted around the classroom

-have preschool age appropriate books in the library on dinosaurs

-have dinosaur coloring sheets in the art centre (can be found on our site)

-set out molding clay or play dough on a table and tape a picture of a dinosaur on the table

-have dinosaur toys on the toy shelf

-have dinosaur puzzles in the puzzle center

-talk about people that dig dinosaur bones, they have to be careful and use special tools because the dinosaur bones are so big and could break, they find the bones and put them in museums for us to go see and enjoy

-learn basic answers to questions such as: What did dinosaurs eat?  What do their bones look like? What are some dinosaur names? How big were they?

Dinosaur Theme For Preschool & Children Under 10 Years Of Age!

Some Basic Dinosaur Facts:

-All dinosaurs have very large bones

Tyrannosaurus Rex--hunts other dinosaurs for food--king of the dinosaurs—has long heavy tail—could reach almost 43 feet long—very large pointy teeth

Stegosaurus—has a small head—two rows of kite shaped bony plates down back—held it’s stiff tail high in the air with spikes for protection, bony plates a protection as well—30 feet long—14 feet high—ate low growing vegetation—no front teeth, had a horny like beak instead—back teeth used for grinding food

Brachiosaurus—eats plants—very long neck—front legs longer than back legs—one of the most largest dinosaurs ever—grew over 82 feet long—42feet high

Triceratops—three horns on head, two big and one small one in front—eats plants--bony head frill—eats plants—30 feet long, 10 feet high (approx.)

Pterodactyls—actually flying reptiles not dinosaurs—wings were made of skin muscle and tissue—wingspan of 50 - 75 centimetes

Brontosaurus—could grow over 80 feet long—very long neck known for eating leaves off trees and shrubs—has one of the smallest brains of any dinosaur—eyes and nostrils located on top of head—small head and small mouth

*Most dinosaurs ate plants while very few ate other dinosaurs (meat), turtles or eggs, etc.



Dinosaur Theme Science Activity for Preschoolers:


What You Will Need For This Dinosaur Theme Activity:

-chicken bones
-small digging tools and paint brushes
-2 open face boxes (i.e. the boxes the cans of pop come in)

**Prepare the bones before allowing the preschool children to use them.


Step One:
Boil the chicken bones in boiling water for 5-10 minutes or until cleaned off.

Step Two:
Let the chicken bones sit in a bowl of one part bleach to 3 parts water for about 10-15 minutes.

Step Three:
Set the bones out on paper towel and allow drying,

Step Four:

Place bones in the box and cover with the sand.  Allow the children to “dig for dinosaur bones” with the digging tools and paint brushes for a fun science experiment.

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