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Preschool Ocean Themes - Kids Ocean Activities

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     Preschool Ocean Themes and Ocean Activities for Kids to Learn from!



Preschool Ocean Themes & Kids Ocean Activities For Kids:


Preschool Ocean Theme


This Pre K Ocean Theme needs to be kept simple. The Ocean is so vast and informative that we can overwhelm the children.

-stick to whales, dolphins, sharks, starfish, seahorses, sand dollars, and just fish in general, stay from naming all the different types because that will be overwhelming (have pictures of what you are talking about and have the children describe what they see)

-plants that live in the ocean, seaweed, and corals (have pictures and talk about them)

-have pictures, books, toys, puzzles, and items for the sensory bin that relate to the pre k ocean theme (fill the sensory bin part way with water and add some blue sparkles in the water with the water animal toys)

-talk about how the bottom of the ocean is covered with sand, shells, and rock, and how some fish can crawl along the ocean floor such as star fish and other ocean creatures

-have a class pet or pets by getting a small aquarium that will hold 2-3 fish

-name the fish, make it like an ocean home for them by putting gravel on the bottom, shells, and even the pretend corals found in fish stores

-the children  can take turns feeding the fish, make a chart and keep track, have one child feed the fish a day, and clean the aquarium as a class project once every couple weeks

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