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Pre K Themes & Lesson Plans Themes For Children: 

Pre K Sports Themes

Teaching children how to play sports in a fun non-competitive way is so much fun. Try out this Sports Theme with your kids! There are many different ways to teach preschool children and kindergarten kids about different sports.


-have lots of pictures and books, puzzles and toys, that relate to familiar sports

-play sports when you go outside to play -- Try One New Sport Each Week!

-some sports that would be familiar to preschool children would be (hockey -play it street style in your playground), (soccer, basketball, soft ball/t-ball)

-explain what to do in each game (sport) but do not worry about explaining how to keep score

-instead of playing for points, just play to see who can try and score, let the goal of the game be to try and let everyone have a turn scoring

-if some children want to play in the goalie net that is fine, otherwise just have the nets open, we are just playing for fun and to get the children familiar with new things

-have some crafts available for the children to try and create some things in art that relate to sports or sports themes

-you could even use paper Mache to create 3-D shapes they can create into art that looks like the ball from their favorite sports

(i.e.) Blow up a balloon to a small-medium size and tie the end in a knot, have the children cover the balloon by taking small strips of newspaper and dipping in the Mache and smoothing it over the balloon in 2 layers until covered.


Leave a small opening at the knot.  Then when dry, take a pin and pop the balloon from the bottom and pull out the balloon.  There you have it, now the children can turn the dried Mache into whatever sport item they want.





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