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     Plant themes and other preschool themes for teaching children.




Preschool Plant Theme for Preschoolers & Children:


Teaching the basics of a plant based theme to preschoolers and kindergarten children is easy and fun. Children love to watch things grow and learn new discoveries about plants and flowers etc.

Parts of the plant to teach:

soil, seed, roots, stem, leaf, flower


Week 1:

-have simple preschool aged books on plants and how things grow and set out in library

-have a circle and read a book on how things grow

-talk about trees, grass flowers, any plant life that the children are familiar with



Grassman - Growing Activity Idea for Kids:


Try This Plant Based & Growing Science Experiment:

The following science experiment is a great addition to the preschool plant and growing lesson plan for kids. Preschool children and young oneslove to watch things grow and discover new things.


You Will Need:

-clear plastic zipper sandwich bags (enough for the class)

-single beans (such as Romano beans) (one for each child)


-one paper towel for each child

-masking tape




-write the children’s names in pen on a small piece of masking tape and place in the top left corner of the baggie

-give each child their bag

-fold a piece of paper towel into a square and make it damp with water

-give one piece to each child and have them place it in their baggie

-give each child a single bean and have then put it in the bag so it is touching the damp paper towel at all times

-make sure all bags are closed securely and then tape or stick tack onto a window that gets a lot of direct sunlight.

-document the progress of the experiment using the worksheets provided in our worksheet section

How does the bean look on day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5?  What happens to the bean by day 10, 11, 12?


Once the roots reach a good size take the bags down and hand them to the children.  Have them all sit down and talk about the root of the bean to them.  Explain the roots purpose for a plant and that roots grow in the dirt for all plants and they look much the same as the bean root.


Simple explanation of a root:  The root carries all of the nutrition and “food” to the plant so the plant can stay healthy, strong, and grow really big.


Week 2:

-grow a plant from start to finish

-plant it, water it, and place it in a window sill or on a shelf where it will get light

-have a large poster size paper and document the progress of the plant weekly

-have a class list of names and allow each child to water the plant checking off their name so all the children get a chance to help it grow


Take pictures of the children while they are engaging in both the bean and the plant experiment and put them in a picture book in the library. © 2013. Visit: - Privacy Policy - Contact Us
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