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        Preschool writng theme & kindergarten writing theme ideas and writing activities for preschoolers and kindergarten students.


Preschool Writing Theme - Kindergarten Theme:

Writing is an important part of each of our lives everyday. We use letters to put words together in a way that we can communicate or read for understanding what people are trying to say or communicate to us. The same is true of writing and understanding our numbers.

Teaching preschoolers & kindergarten kids about writing letters and numbers is a great way to start them on their educational journey towards a successful lifecourse.


Preschool Writing Theme – Kindergarten Writing Theme


Tracing of letters of the alphabet may get preschoolers familiar with each letter of the alphabet. It gets them familiar with what the letters look like, how they are made etc. Problem with tracing is that that is about as far as it goes.

The reason tracing doesnt work is because the kids just trace around the line, they don't learn proper lines and curves of the letter and where they should start on the page while writing.


Handwriting Practice Sheets for Kids:

There are hand writing practice sheets which consist of different lines on a sheet of paper. At the beginning

of each line on the left hand side there is the 'sample' letter, the letter that the children are going to be looking at and then trying to reproduce as closely as possible throughout the rest of that line.

Some of these handwriting practice sheets maybe be just 'capital' letters, some maybe the capital letter and then the lower case (or small) letter. These sheets really get children familiar with duplicating the letter and give them lots of practice.

These handwriting practice sheets can even include numbers, which will of course get the young preschooler children familiar with writing their 'numbers'.

With these hand writing practice sheets it is all about practicing and becoming good at duplicating the letter or number that is shown on each line of the sheet.


Handwriting Practicing Printables & Programs for this Theme:

Here are some suggested handwriting printables and resources for teaching a writing lesson plan for kids and preschoolers. Check them out.


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