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Pre K Bug Theme

If there is one thing that preschool aged children will always be interested in it’s: BUGS & INSECTS!
The Preschool Bug/Insect Theme is such a fun preschool theme, as there is a lot of exploring and discussing when it comes to bugs and insects.


Some Ideas For Having Fun With This Preschool Bug Theme Are:

-make sure you have a variety of pictures of bugs you can correctly identify posted around the room

-lots of books in the library with real life pictures of bugs is another great thing to have as well as puzzles

-go to a store like the dollar store or any discount store and look for rubber or plastic bug toys, you can fill the bottom of a sensory bin with sticks or sand and put the toy bugs in it, the children will have a blast

-ask the children what bugs they see around their home or neighborhood, and help them identify them and find pictures of them

-talk about what bugs eat, (i.e. leaves-caterpillars, dirt-worms, other bugs-spiders, human food-ants, etc).

-what do bees do when they land on a flower? where do they take the pollen? what happens to it?
-simple explanations will go further than trying to jam all the details into their minds, for example you could say something like- (when a bee lands on a flower it collects the pollen up and carries to the beehive, when the bee gets to the beehive it puts it in the honeycomb and turns it into honey) you could have a jar of honey with you and have the children taste it

-talk about how we need bugs around us and we shouldn’t step on bugs when we see them, we should leave them alone and watch what they do, maybe one day we can try and follow it home?

-some teaching resource stores sell little science kits with kid friendly microscopes that have already made up slides with bugs and other things in them for the kids to look at

-count how many legs certain bugs have, are there lots, or little/few and make a chart with all the names of the bugs down the left and have a line represent each leg, who has the most lines?, that bug has the most legs, which bug has the least lines? That bug has the least amount of legs

-make egg carton caterpillars in the art area


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