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Party Themes For Children

Preschool Party Themes - Party Theme Ideas


Do you want to do a preschool party for no reason?  Here’s how to make it into a party theme for the kids.

-talk about parties and all the different kinds of parties there are
-read books on parties

-put party books in the library
-have pictures of parties

-How about having the kids make their own party invitations (Use it as a preschool art activity)

-Make your own preschool party hats, this could be a art activity for the children as well. Make a simple party hat that can be decorated with paper pieces and glitter etc and other fun things that can be glued to the hat.




-send invitations home with the preschool children.
-have the date of the party, the location (classroom) and the reason (because we are special)

-when the special day arrives have treat bags for the kids to take home
-play party music

-have party hats if the children want to wear them
-have party jewelry, watches

-play party games (musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey, have a dance area with streamers)
-decorate the room with balloons and party decorations

-have cupcakes and goodies for the children to enjoy on their special day

-You could make some simple fun things with the children for a fun cooking activity, like making cookies and cupcakes and decorate them in fun ways for the party theme.


Use your imagination with this Preschool Party Theme and the children in your care. Think about all the fun ways you can make things fun like a party.

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