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Preschool Printables: People Preschool Themes & Misc. Things

Suitable For Children 10 and Under

  Preschool printables and school worksheets under a variety of prek themes and and themes for school.

Printables: Preschool Themes - Identifying People & Everyday Things Worksheets

Printables based on people themes and identifying people in a variety of printable activity worksheets as shown below.

*Printables are sized 8.5 x 11 inches (suitable for most printers) Simply click the link and then 'Right Click On Your Mouse' and Click 'Save As' and Save to a Folder or area on Your computer.

People Themes - Preschool or 10 & Under:

Preschool themes, printables and worksheets for identifying people and teaching kids.

(Sample People Theme 'Which is Different' Printable)

Preschool Printable-People1   Preschool Printable-People2   Preschool Printable-People3   Preschool Printable-People4



Furniture & Misc. Things:

Preschool Printable-Furniture1   Preschool Printable-Furniture2   Preschool Printable-Furniture3   Preschool Printable-Furniture4

Preschool Printable-9   Preschool Printable-10   Preschool Printable-11   Preschool Printable-12

Preschool Printable-13   Preschool Printable-14   Preschool Printable-15   Preschool Printable-16

Preschool themes and printables based on identifying people.

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