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Seasonal Themes - Pre K Theme Units

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Rain themes and other seasonal and weather related themes for teaching children.   

Preschool Weather Themes For Teaching Children About Rain:

Preschool weather themes, seasonal themes and climate related preschool themes for teaching children can be found in this section of the website. Paying attention to the weather daily is a great way to familarize preschool children with changing weather conditions. These preschool weather and seasonal themes will give you simple facts and details that will help you teach preschool and kindergarten children anywhere.

*Check Our Pre K Themes below relating to Wind, Rain, Snow and Clouds/Fog for fun learning facts for teaching children.



Wind  Rain  Snow  Clouds/Fog



Preschool Weather Theme About Rain

What is Rain?

When lots of tiny droplets of water in a cloud get bigger and heavier, the clouds get big and can not hold all of the heavy water.  This water falls to the earth and we see it as rain.

Rain is good for our earth.  It waters our grass, trees, flowers, plants, gives drinks to our animals, and also for us.

Rain helps seeds planted in the dirt grow into plants, flowers, fruits and vegetable in our gardens, and helps keep things clean by washing away dirt on the streets, sidewalks, buildings, and on our rooftops.

Rain can be heavy, or light.  Light rain can be called a ‘drizzle’.  Heavy rain can be called a downpour.

When it rains, turn off the lights, and make no noise.  Just sit there and listen and look out the window.  You will hear the rain make a beautiful noise as it taps on the windows and rooftops.

Rain creates puddles, mud, and makes our ponds, streams, and creeks bigger.

When there is a bad thunderstorm the rain will be heavy; and if it is really windy, the rain can blow sideways.

If we stand outside when it rains we will get very wet; but if we stand under an umbrella, we will stay dry and everything around us will get wet.


Learning Activity for Rain Theme: 

When it is raining outside, set out a rain gauge and collect the rain for that time. 

When the rain stops, get the rain gauge and document on a piece of paper how much rain was collected. 

Do this all spring and summer and document the amount of rain collected on the same piece of paper. 

When summer is over, look back at your documented paper and see which day had the most rain fall.

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